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It’s time to drastically change something in the company. Processes are being optimised and introduced, ‘codes of conduct’ are being written, and change management is being established. As an experienced change manager and process expert, I can draw on my own experiences from the last 16 years. After establishing a well-informed opinion, I can say: long-term success is based on transformation of the whole. Employees, human interaction and trust should be the focus.


It’s time for a huge change in the company. Time for a change that comes from the heart. Awareness and compassion need firm footholds, and must be anchored in the company and project.
14 years ago, departments such as process management and project management were jeered at. Today, they are elemental in most companies. .
Let us establish ‘AWARENESS and COMPASSION’ in your company, and anchor them in your company’s goals. Expand into new dimensions of change management, where employees self-sufficiently and confidently take ownership and recognise that they themselves are the key to a mindful work environment. .
If your changes and optimisations are based purely on economic considerations, they will not last. Only when social aspects are mindfully and compassionately promoted will you get something in return in the long run. Skilled, mindful direction of energy guides power to the places where it can be best used and developed. .
Strengthen your employees’ energy, emotions and minds, and strengthen your whole company. From lectures, seminars and training modules to setting up a permanent department, I am happy to support you through these new qualifications and changes.

Stress prevention


As we are, of course, not always able to balance our energy, we should consider how we can “recharge”. Whether you’re a high-performing athlete or a manager, or whether you are simply faced with daily family-related and life-related challenges, think about your energy balance. I will be happy to support you. Use our prana charging station. Energy for more vitality.

Sandra Jahnke

"It is my vision to reach as many people, managers, companies and interested individuals with my message as possible, to establish a new company culture, to strengthen people from within or to simply encourage open contemplation."

It’s time to drastically change something in the company.