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AC Elements

Over the last 20 years, I have been inspired by various teachers, methods, approaches, applications and, most of all, nature: creation and destruction are both positive forces in nature. I became aware that we should remove ourselves from all systems that look for ‘one method’ or for true happiness. This brings with it conditions and limitations. Many things are equal and have similar aims when it comes to our health, happiness, wellbeing and energy. They may come from different places and cultures, but they are very similar if you allow yourself to be freed from truth.

I have come up with essences in elements and modules after my many years of pursuing the areas of health, life and consciousness.

Roots in the ground

Powerful meditation and posture training.

The sturdy trunk

Movements for a powerful, vitalised body.

The leaf in the wind

Breathing techniques from various methods are mindfully combined for a positive effect on our energy channels and senses.

The colour in the leaf

Relaxation techniques from various methods such as yoga nidra, auto-suggestion and reiki.

The expanse of the park

Meditation for emptiness.

The blackbird in the tree.

A feel-good blend of vocal/singing elements and mindfulness meditation for love and control.