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For me, gratitude is one of the most important essences when it comes to living a satisfied and happy life. At this point, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the meaningful encounters, teachers, mentors, friends and people that I have met and been able to learn from. My path would have been much more difficult without you, and I would have less to pass onto others.

We should all take a moment every day to remember how much happiness there is in this world: to grow up protected, to be able to learn and then maybe to contribute something meaningful to society. A result that also bears valuable fruit and completes the cycle of positive living. It is a blessing to be in love and to be healthy, and to take the strength from this to face change and challenges.

This is where you come in – pay something forward, however small. To the retiree next door, a smile for your colleague, a friendly word at the till, voluntary work, understanding and forgiveness where it’s needed.

This also includes protecting our planet; we can express our awareness and compassion by avoiding unnecessary wasting of resources.