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We lose lots of energy in various areas in everyday life: communication, conflict, sport, imbalanced diet and holding onto material and immaterial things, “external” subjects.

If, for example, your mobile phone is running out of battery and you really need to make a call – what do you do? Carry on using all the features or switch to energy-saving mode?

A central focal point of our mental and physical health is to balance our energy. We pay far too little attention to this important aspect, and try to “charge” ourselves with trends, sport, holidays, trips to the spa etc. Any form of doing something is naturally positive. However, we need more “mindfulness” in these actions, and more integration and spirit in the daily challenges we face. We need more empathy for our souls and our bodies.

As we are, of course, not always able to balance our energy, we should consider how we can “recharge”.

We know that you can “use up” all your energy when doing an active sport. Our body and mind can only increase in vitality and energy when we do the right amount. When we exceed this, this supposedly healthy activity becomes quite the opposite.

I will show you effective, integral methods and ways to energise yourself, leading you to more vitality and balance.

Whether you’re a high-performing athlete or a manager, or whether you are simply faced with daily family-related and life-related challenges, think about your energy balance. I will be happy to support you. Use our prana charging station.

Energy for more vitality.