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I have been intensively practising various methods of yoga for more than 12 years. I took part in an integral yoga teaching course lasting over 550 hours, along with various teachers and influences. I was intensively involved in the philosophy, and enjoy holding introductory workshops on the teachings of Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita.

Yoga is mostly about training the mind. This is supported by various practices. Anyone wanting to let themselves be led from the inside finds the way that best supports their own development.

Personally, my preferred approaches are:

Kundalini, the practice of energy

As this is a very intense form for experienced practitioners, I do not offer any courses and I only offer lessons on request after we have got to know each other. This also involves comprehensive theoretical introduction to energy flow and related energy centres and channels.

Bakti yoga, the practice of devotion

Nitra yoga – the yoga of relaxation

I teach and offer courses, workshops and retreats on:

  • Deep relaxation methods
  • Methods to improve sleep
  • Easing sleep disturbances

Hatha yoga in various combinations and various approaches by Swami Sivananda.

I teach and offer courses, workshops and retreats:

  • Aimed at children and young people
  • Programme to strengthen back muscles
  • Senior classes
  • For beginners – developing yoga practice in asanas, breathing training and relaxation. This course is ideal to build on a beginner’s course or to get back into yoga after a long break.
  • For intermediates – yoga practice with variations. Positions are held for longer. Development of your yoga skills to intermediate level.

Anyone practising yoga will be able to feel these positive effects even after a short time:

  • No more tension-related backaches and headaches
  • No more shoulder and neck tension
  • Increased energy & vitality
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved, balanced posture
  • New confidence
  • Improved concentration
  • You feel well and satisfied

Even just one yoga session per week with simple breathing, movement and relaxation exercises can let you experience these effects and have a positive influence on your life. You can decide for yourself how deep you want to go.

Awareness. Compassion. Awareness and compassion for your body, mind and soul.