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Lu jong (lu = body, jong = training) was first practiced over 8,000 years ago by monks in the mountains of Tibet to improve health and to heal body and mind. This makes lu jong the oldest movement-based exercise in the world. Lu jong – also called Tibetan healing yoga – is rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, and in Tibetan medicine. Lu jong is a meditative form of movement and breathing.

Roots in the bön religion

The oldest religion in Tibet is bön, which roughly translates as ‘existence’. The deep knowledge in bön teachings about nature, spirit and body, and the relationship between spirit, breathing and the inner wind (Tibetan: lung) flow into lu jong exercises. The five basic lu jong movements are part of this religion’s teachings.

Lu jong is suitable for any age group and any time constraints.

I begin with the 5 basic movements and the 9 related breathing exercises. You’ll see how you can start your day energised and vitalised after just 15 minutes.